Khởi hành từ: Hà nội

Known for its beaches, traumatic history, and bustling cities, Vietnam’s best kept secret may be its trekking destinations. The areas of Mai Chau and Pu Long are full of great hiking trails, stunning scenery, and local hilltribes which are waiting to be discovered.
From Hanoi travel southwest toward the Laos border. The change in scenery is dramatic as you leave behind the flat, busy streets of the capital and reach the limestone karsts and rolling green hills of the Mai Chau area.

The trek is a fantastic mix of walking, village exploration, and local interaction. During the daytime the fresh air and sweeping views are sure to delight, while at night time, enjoy traditional dance performances, local food, and overnight stays in village homes or eco-lodges.

The terrain and scenery are varied, some days trekking steep ascents and descents along mountain ridges whilst other days see you crossing streams by wooden suspension bridges. Spend a day hiking along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a historic walk along the path once used to transport goods to the resistance fighters, to reach Pu Luong nature reserve.

The people of the area are as diverse as the terrain. Trek through villages inhabited by ethnic minorities such as H’mong and Thai and observe their traditional way of living and unique customs. Stop at markets in remote locations where the area’s residents trek hours each week to buy and sell goods.

After five days of hard, but rewarding, trekking a trip to Halong Bay is the perfect reward. Enjoy a day trip aboard a wooden junk. Marvel at the spectacular scenery, swim in the clear waters, and feast on a seafood lunch.

For those wishing to explore the beauty of Northwest Vietnam, the ‘Mai Chau and Pu Long Trek’ is a perfect blend of cultural discovery and outdoor activity.

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Upon arrival at Noi Bai airport, you will be greeted by our guide and transferred to the city center of Hanoi for check-in.
This evening enjoy a delicious welcome dinner as well as a trip briefing from the guides.
Overnight in Hanoi.

This morning depart early and head for the Mau Chai area, southwest of Hanoi. As soon as you leave the city behind, the scenery soon starts to take on an altogether different look with endless stretches of farm land and hills and mountains looming in the distance.

Pom Coong Village- Mai Chau

Arrive in Mai Chau and fuel up with a lunch at a local restaurant before beginning your first trek. Depart on foot for Pom Coong, a village inhabited by the White Thai minority people. You will be welcomed by the friendly hospitality and get a taste for their traditional culture as you enjoy a bbq and join in local dance performance this evening. Spend the night in a local home of the White Thai people.
Overnight at homestay, Pom Cong.


 Hang Kia Village

After breakfast, transfer by car a short way to today’s starting point: Xa Linh village. The trek route follows a mixture of paths, streambeds, and steep jungle hillsides. Reach “Elephant Valley”,a flat trail leading to Hang Kia, the only H’mong village of the trip, where you will relax and enjoy a late lunch.
This afternoon’s trek is mainly downhill trek following tracks which wind through hamlets and cultivated fields with beautiful views of the Mai Chau Valley below. You trek with the stunning backdrop of rice paddies and the karst Rock Mountains in the distance. There are several stream crossings, suspension bridges and good descents as well along the way.
Finally arrive at Cun Pheo, a village of the White Thai minority for a night in a local homestay.
Overnight in Cun Pheo.


Today is one of the longest trekking days, but with fabulous rewards. The trek route passes through many indigenous villages and offers a wonderful opportunity to experience rural Vietnam village life.

Hill Trible Village in Mai Chau

Stop in Van Me for lunch and then transfer by road to Sai village to embark on a 7.5km trek to Hang Village, an oasis in the middle of Pu Luong Nature reserve. Here you cross into a new and exciting district, once used as part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, where very few westerners have traveled. Arrive late this afternoon to Hang Village for an overnight stay in the local stilted houses.
Overnight homestay, Hang Village.


Pu Luong

A harder day of hiking, 50% on village paths 50% on an old disused unpaved French road. There are some steep climbs and yet more stream crossings. The trekking becomes more remote but one is never far from a villager tending fields or walking back from early morning market.   Relax from the heat of the day in a local home at Pak Kha village while lunch is cooked before continuing on along the old jeep road to a village nestled between steep karts mountains.  Arrive early with spare energy to hike a two hour round trip to a newly discovered and incredibly large cave, hidden on high ground surrounded by thickets and hanging vegetation. It is now protected by the Forest rangers, due to the delicate ecosystem and bat species inside.  
Overnight in ecotourism homestay, Kho Muong village.


Village in Pu Luong

A challenging but glorious downhill hike at 6am leads to the Nature Reserve’s only market. Appreciate the previous night’s dinner upon the realization that all produce is brought to the village two hours uphill on foot! Enjoy puttering around the region’s bustling market before lunch in a local house.
The trail after lunch begins in the valley floor for about an hour and then climbs over a small mountain to Hin village and your final home-stay of the trip. The village is perfectly positioned close to a small river with opportunities to cool off with a swim after a long day. Explore the fascinating architecture and numerous hamlets that dot the valley of the surrounding area or just relax in a hammock and enjoy the serenity of this gorgeous region.
Overnight in ecotourism home-stay


Hin Village

After an early breakfast you will enjoy our last hike of the trip which takes you out of the valley and back up into the mountains. The first hour is relatively flat passing through small hamlets, farmers working their rice paddies before crossing the river and heading up into the hills. Trek uphill for 2 hours on a well-trodden trail, enjoy magnificent views of the valley below and a patchwork of rice fields and forest covered mountains. The trail then levels out and passes along the ridge through thick forest and emerges in the village of Ban Son where you will stop for lunch. After lunch, hike for an hour on a dirt road to the village of Ban Ba where you will meet with the bus and transfer back to Hanoi.
Arrive in Hanoi late afternoon and check in hotel.
Overnight in Hanoi.


Halong Bay

After breakfast, leave Hanoi for an overnight boat trip on Halong Bay. Journey there through the rich farmlands of the Red River Delta, observe everyday life of Vietnamese villagers as they work the rice fields, take pigs to the market on bicycles and plough the fields with their water buffaloes. Arrive in Halong City late morning and board your traditional wooden junk for the overnight journey into the Bay. En-route lunch will be served. Following cruise by rock formations with such names as Sail, Dog and Dinh Huong (incense pot). Towards the end of the day set anchor for the night. As the sun sets over the bay, dinner is served on board with fresh seafood, salads, and fruits.
Overnight on Halong Bay


Halong Bay

On your return to Halong City enjoy a wholesome brunch as your boat weaves through strange-shaped limestone rock formations. Upon disembarkation, your driver will meet you for the transfer back to Hanoi.

At your leisure until transfer to airport for your onward flight.




  • Private vehicle for transfer except trekking days
  • English Speaking certified Adventure Guide
  • Additional assistant guide for 16+ pax
  • Local guide during trekking days
  • Motorbike support where need
  • Plenty of water per person per trekking day
  • Snacks and local fruits
  • 1 first aid kit per guide
  • Sightseeing tickets and zone entrance fees where mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary (B – Breakfast, L – Lunch, D – Dinner)
  • Accommodation as listed above.
  • Flight reconfirmations
  • Visa arrangement
  • International and domestic flights.
  • Soft drinks, or beverages beyond water – we can add this into costs at agents request
  • Beverage and alcoholic drinks at mealtimes
  • Meals other than mentioned above
  • Energy drinks or powders, performance bars, or performance gels (Gatorade, Powerbars, Gu, Isostar, etc)
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenditure (laundry, telephone etc.)
  • Credit card/bank transfer fees
  • Any other services not clearly mentioned in the itinerary and in the inclusive portion
  • Supplement for other language speaking guides

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